This certification program was designed for engineering technicians working in the fire alarm industry who engage in a combination of the following fire alarm systems activities: system layout plan preparationsystem equipment selection, system installation, system acceptance testing, system trouble-shooting, system servicing, and system technical sales.

The Fire Alarm Systems certification is a robust credential, based on inter-related elements of system design, installation, maintenance, and inspection. Computer-based testing CBT allows NICET to extend several benefits to our customers: more flexible exam dates and appointment times; immediate scheduling and confirmation; and quicker exam scoring.

For more information about taking the Standard Model exam, please click here. Application Package apply for testing and certification. The major responsibilities, tasks, knowledge, and skills associated with each level of certification and serves as the outline of exam content.

Listing of references allowed in testing centers and some books that might be useful in preparing for an exam. Please contact PearsonVUE.

Security and Fire Alarm System Installer Careers

Within 24 hours, after your scheduled date or for a new testing window there is an additional fee equal to one half of the original testing fee. The exam will be administered on a computer at a proctored test center managed by a test administration company. These exams are normally closed book; any exception to this policy will be stated in the test information for that program. The content outline for the program will serve as the guide to what will be covered on the test.

Each test session begins with a tutorial allowing you to get used to the process. During the test, you will see one question at a time, but can move forward or backwards to view or review other questions. There may be a graphic or text box to be viewed by clicking a button.

Correct answers will usually be selected by clicking the boxes next to the answers. In a few questions, you may be presented a picture and asked to click on the part of the picture that correctly answers the question. Questions may have more than one correct answer, but in those cases, you will be told how many answers to choose. You will receive your score at the conclusion of your test session.

To apply, click here. A calculator is built into the exam. Candidates may not bring any additional calculators into the testing room. Home Certification Programs Electrical and Mechanical Systems Fire Alarm Systems Fire Alarm Systems This certification program was designed for engineering technicians working in the fire alarm industry who engage in a combination of the following fire alarm systems activities: system layout plan preparationsystem equipment selection, system installation, system acceptance testing, system trouble-shooting, system servicing, and system technical sales.

Application Information.Get information on Electrician programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information. InFBI statistics showed there were 8. Security and fire alarm systems are often the first line of defense against property crime, potential fatalities, severe injuries, and crushing expenses.

According to the National Electrical Contractors Association NECA33 states currently have licensing requirements for professionals engaged in low voltage installations, including security and fire alarm systems. A complete list can be found at the bottom of this page.

Installing, maintaining, repairing, and troubleshooting alarm systems involves:. Installing fire alarm systems can be more involved than a basic alarm system. In addition to those activities mentioned above this can also include:.

Installing a closed circuit television CCTV system also involves certain unique activities, especially if it is equipped with an audio system:. The best way of knowing what the licensing regulations are where you live is to check with your local regulatory agency or local chapter of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers IBEW.

Licensing regulations in this profession run the gamut. While states can implement statewide regulations, your local jurisdiction — be it a city or county — can also implement its own licensing requirements. On one end of the spectrum, you may need to earn a full electrician license.

This starts at the apprentice level, which can last between four and six years. During this time you complete an education program that is up to 1, hours in length and then progress to hands-on training. As your training nears its completion you take a test to qualify for the next level: journeyman.

Somewhere in between these boundaries are two other common licensing requirements you may encounter depending on the laws in your area:. In addition to meeting required government regulations, as a security and fire alarm installer you also need to pay attention to what the industry demands. National certifications for security and fire alarm installers are offered by private organizations across the United States.

Each of these organizations has its own certification policies you must meet to gain the credential. National certifications are most certainly a preferred qualification you can present to prospective employers.

Depending on your jurisdiction, they may also fulfill education or training requirements where you live. Some of the most popular national certification organizations and their relevant certification programs include:.

The BLS also released statistics for the top ten highest paying metro areas for security and fire alarm system installers in You may also find it helpful to review the following sampling of salaries sourced in Julythese examples represent the types of salaries available to properly credentialed security and fire alarm system installers. These are shown for illustrative purposes only and are not meant to represent job offers or provide an assurance of employment or level of pay :.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of security and fire alarm installers nationwide has increased by 20 percent since It definitely wasn't easy and I had a lot of long hours, but your course was a major factor for me knowing where and how to apply my studying. Thank you so much! Casey S. The numerous NFPA 72 references, charts and graphs make the text easy to read and follow.

This well-written text will become the cornerstone of your Fire Protection Library! This text contains pages. Save when you order the combo package. Loaded with NFPA references, these texts will become a valuable asset both in the field and office.

fire alarm certification classes

Loaded with NFPA 25 references, these texts will become a valuable asset both in the field and office. Special Hazards Basic Reference Text. This book is a fundamental reference covering Fire Alarm Systems concepts. Live in the area? Call our office at for Non-Inclusive Pricing.

Packages Include:. What Is a Webinar? Online Courses Include:. Students must contact Fire Tech Productions and restart their study within ninety 90 days of failing the exam.

Exam Allowable References Include:. To purchase individual standards, click here. Webinars Include:. Video Series Include:. So we built training tools to guide you every step of the way. Register for a FREE webinar. Need more time? Extend your online course for 30, 60, 90 or days Extend Access.

fire alarm certification classes

Locate information quickly in the codes. VIEW our tab options. Peerless Pump Jun 2 — Jun 4 all-day. Learn the proper methods of inspecting, troubleshooting and maintaining fire pumps. More than just code training!

Fire Alarm Systems

This Hands-On Fire Alarm training starts with the fundamentals of how the devices and systems work and the code requirements. See it, Touch it, Learn it! Learn the proper methods of inspecting and testing from experienced instructors.To do our part to help contain the spread of the virus while still being able to provide you with the highest quality training in the industry, April and May classes will be taught in our Virtual Classroom.

We are using the same high-quality platform trusted by colleges and universities. You will be able to see, hear, and interact with the instructor to get as close to an in-person classroom as you can during this time.

June and later classes are being booked as in-person classes, but we will reassess as we get closer and may convert those to Virtual Classrooms. For April and May Classes: the books listed above will be shipped directly to you. Please provide a shipping address that you will have access to should there be a "shelter in place" order.

The training involves learning to use these books which are also the permitted references for the NICET examand students will have a more fulfilling training experience if they have these books. We encourage registration at least 2 weeks prior to the training date.

This will guarantee your place in the class as well as ensure we have all the necessary materials for every attendee at the training location. In order to sign up please review the course schedule below and choose an option that is most convenient for your schedule.

Login Sign-Up My Cart. We are using the same high-quality platform trusted by our colleges and universities. All rights reserved.Explore FAQs. About Us. Certificates of completion are available for saving and printing upon course completion. Please note: Once started, a course must be completed. You cannot leave a course and re-enter it where you left off. NOTE: These online courses are for informational purposes only and are not accredited for Continuing Education credit.

Introduction to Basic Fire Alarm Technology.

fire alarm certification classes

Conventional Fire Alarm Control Panel. Voice Evacuation Principles. This page location is:. Education Recreation Mass Notification Wireless. Page Content. All courses contain audio narration by a member of the Fire-Lite Training team. Note: Currently the online modules do not work using Chrome because Chrome does not support Flash files. Please use another browser, like either Firefox or Internet Explorer. We're working on making updates so that the modules will work in Chrome.

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fire alarm certification classes

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