There are different kinds of official meetings and gatherings, seminar is one of those many types. Seminars are usually conducted to aid or help the general public or to create awareness among them. Being divided in two distinct categories, seminars are either free or paid. Free seminars allow the general public to attend and anyone who wishes to gain knowledge about the said topic can pass the gate and attend the lecture, however, the paid ones are properly organized by any special management and people are asked to either get the tickets or pay before entering the event.

Maximum of the seminars are conducted t create awareness about some topic so, it is wise to create any agenda and to distribute it among the listeners beforehand. However creating a Seminar Agenda is not an easy task to do especially if it is your first time to create such document.

Downloading any seminar agenda template from internet is a wise decision only when you know how to temper it according to the audience, environment and topic. For this purpose, we are here to provide you with a few guidelines for how to create a seminar agenda successfully.

Choose any theme wisely, consider the seriousness of the topic and the nature of audience before you pick up any theme. Choosing any funky theme for any disease awareness seminar would not be a very nice idea, and vice versa. So, keep your mind and eyes open before choosing any theme.

Start the seminar agenda with the topic on top, where it is the first thing to be seen or simply make it eye catchy. Without deviating from the theme you choose, make it stand out from the rest of information that you have to write. Make sure you give the genuine and authentic details about all the things you have written on this agenda. Make a section where you write the names of presenters and hosts clearly along with the degrees or specialties they have.

This is to make people aware that who they are going to listen to. This can create a lot of impact of the listening of audience and the effect that the speech leaves on them. Now, draw out a schedule type table where you can add the time lapse and the particulars along with the person who is going to attend that.

Start mentioning the particulars in the way and sequence that they will be happening. Mention the presenters in front of the particulars and the approximate time they will be taking. A good seminar agenda can change the view of audience and can make them stay or leave that instant.

November 7, January 29, April 20, Printable Forms. Brochure Templates.To browse Academia. Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Kip Jones. It has its origins in hard science where the first to get an experiment, finding or theory into publication won the prize.

Other academic disciplines followed suit by imitating this system. This structure has developed a style of academic writing and a vetting process that are both by now antiquated and suspect. We are all caught up in this bind from time to time, me included. Fortunately, publishing is evolving and, more and more, supplementary multi-media are requested as part of the publication procedure. Audience share and economics drives most of these changes, but that doesn't mean that it isn't a good time to take advantage of this expansion of the opportunities for academic outputs.

The average number of readers per article is five. Funders are now looking for outcomes from their investments that demonstrate how we will affect change in the wider world, i.

seminar script pdf

This climate of flux presents opportunities to get the products of our alternative methods of dissemination of social science data to wider audiences—to popularize research. Why popularize research? Somewhat reluctantly at first, therefore, I began to explore auto- ethnography and its potential for more personal communication with an audience and the platforms that I might use in order to reach that audience.

For these reasons, I try to write and produce for various media in a way that will be of some use to others in their own work.

TED's secret to great public speaking - Chris Anderson

The natural follow-up for me was to revisit the arts and humanities for potential tools that might enrich this transition. I become fictionalized through writing. I am the sorcerer who reminds audiences of their selves. In terms of visual representation of such stories, I become a keen observer of lives, allowing cultural images to become private and iconic. These remembered images twist and turn and eventually morph in various ways to be included as my own graphic memories.

Indeed, our visual memories can become imbued with both intense cultural and personal meaning. This is the visual auto-ethnography that I hope to represent in my work. Along with exploring visualizations of research data over the past ten years or so, I have also experimented with writing performatively, or rather, representing in text what I am trying to accomplish imaginatively.

As I labor to become more sophisticated and skillful in my productions, it is important for me not to forget the initial struggles and uncertainties that are documented by those earlier attempts. Thus my personal leap into auto-ethnography and the development of Performative Social Science PSS began with a research question.

I did not suddenly decide to transform into a graphic illustrator, scriptwriter or filmmaker.Seminars are organized in educational institutions and different organisations during which various issues of significance are hotly debated.

In fact, free expression of views or right to dissent is an integral part of democracy in India. Seminar delegates are required to deliver speeches in keeping with the respective occasion.

10+ Seminar Checklist Examples in PDF | Google Docs | Pages | Word

Here we have provided you five seminar speeches. You can select and use any of the welcome speech for seminar according to the event organized at your institution:.

It gives me immense pleasure in welcoming all of you to the 5 th annual seminar of the ——— Food Ltd. Established inthe company today has reached the heights of great success. Our company was established with a vision to serve the society with the production of quality processed food and beverages.

We focus more on the middle and low income group who want to consume quality products within a limited budget. Our target audiences are the locals of this place as well as business people who operate within a range of 50 kilometres.

But seeing the success of our company and the popularity of our products, the management has decided to expand the area of business.

seminar script pdf

Now we want to target the high income group people as well as increase the range of our business operations to other states too and subsequently to other countries.

After an in-depth brainstorming session and discussion amongst the management and all other relevant stakeholders, it has been decided that the organisation will adopt digitalisation as a means of promoting itself amongst the people, apart from other traditional means.

Digitalisation is one of the greatest means of transforming the society in the present era. It directs the virtual transformation of almost every component of our life today; the style of working, the means of living, the way of communication, building knowledge, doing business, etc.

Learn what great movies are made of.

Digitalisation influences our welfare, democracy, healthcare, environment and society overall. Digitalisation is the greatest channel of globalisation as it connects people worldwide within fractions of seconds. Thus, it will certainly help our company in meeting its objectives too. With the advent ofwe plan to enhance our marketing scope to some other Asian countries like Malaysia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Hong Kong and Philippines.

seminar script pdf

After devoting a careful thought to this problem, the management committee has come up with different promotion plans to reach out to those people.

Our objective is to bring the benefits of our quality products to the maximum people and thus we have engaged one of the best marketing teams to promote our brand and services to the countries discussed above. But one drawback of the digitalisation is the privacy breach. Today, digitalisation requires proficient handling of problems relating to security and privacy.

This seminar has been organised to discuss all these and many more issues which may occur during the further development and promotion of our brand and services. Well-known experts, researchers and managers from the industries and society have been invited to present their views and discuss the opportunities, threat, strengths and weaknesses of the subject. Today we all have gathered here to discuss about a very important topic i. It is a bitter reality that the women have been ill treated in society for ages with India being no acceptance.

The irony lies in the fact for our country that women are worshipped in the form of Shakti whereas in reality she is just treated as a commodity and subjected to inhuman treatment. She is discriminated at two levels: The first being women and secondly, having lack of economic independence. But still they have to face a lot of discrimination.

Gradually, women have been coming forward and playing their roles in diverse fields such as banking, finance, marketing, civil services, aviation and even armed forces. With this brief background, I would welcome our Chief Guest Mr. I want to also welcome our participants who have come up here to ——- College from all across the country to present their views on the very topic. I would, on the behalf of our College, again thank you ——————-for accepting our invitation and would like to extend my gratitude towards our Principal Madam for encouraging us to conduct a seminar like this today.

I am again thankful to you Madam, for your kind support, suggestions and guidance given to us, as and when required. I am sure that you all will feel enriched with knowledge after completion of this event. I welcome you all once again to the Seminar and hope that you all will have a great time ahead. I am highly honoured to take this opportunity, on behalf of the Hospital and Head of Department, to welcome all of you today to this one-day Seminar.Do you want to have as much impact as possible with each webinar you deliver?

If so, the following will help you regardless of if the webinar is live or automated. If you are offering a webinar, either live or automated, the interaction the attendee experiences is key. In order to develop rapport with you and create that connection, the attendee has to feel they are interacting with you.

The following pieces of script are what I use on every webinar I give. Put them to work and benefit. Scripts Environment: These can be used on live or automated webinars, with a question box or with a chat box. Choose one of the following or model one of these. Say this script in the first 10 minutes of your webinar.

During the presentation I will be focused on the presentation, however I will take a peek at them periodically and then answer them during our Q and A segments. If I do not get to all of you, then I will personally email you after the webinar to get an answer to you as we have limited time.

I will be focused on the presentation. Submit them now and I will answer then when I turn my attention to your questions, during the Q and A segment. Here is essentially what I say below.

Opening and Closing Webinar Scripts for Every Webinar You Give

Say this script in the final 10 minutes of your webinar. I think I got to everyone and their questions however sometimes when you are trying to do 10 things at one time, it gets a bit tricky, especially since we had so many people. If I did not get to your question, I will email you tomorrow and get you an answer. We had a lot of great interaction and not a lot of time. Then simple rerecord the webinar Q and A incorporating the most popular questions that were not answered in the previous webinar.

Using the above on your webinars will allow your interaction to flourish and for you to build your value and expertise to your attendees. Webinars and sales. Yes, but you must go about it the right way if you hope to have….

But imagine if instead of stressing…. Related Articles.It goes way beyond tired old beat sheet formulas and instead guides you to organically write the story you want to tell. Jill Chamberlain is incredible with story. Learn what great movies are made of. Turn your ideas into professional-level scripts.

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It can be done. And when you have fun as an emcee, it really is a magical experience. So what do you want your first impression to be?

As you can see, the VoG intro works even better when the house lights are down, the spotlights move wildly, and there are very loud guitars playing. Successful emcees are both grand and humble. Event planners are the unsung heroes of events, and tend to get noticed only when something goes wrong.

They deserve a BIG moment of recognition. They too deserve your public acknowledgement. Sounds obvious, right? Introduce yourself anyway. The first question sets the terms, the second ups the ante, and the third plays off the first two as a joke.

Will I get home in time to relieve the babysitter? Who validates my parking? Should I pee now, or wait for a break? Here are some details worth including:. Special events should be just that: special. But that could be done privately and far more cheaply. So why the pomp and circumstance? What does it symbolize? Enjoy yourself. Find ways to let loose a little.It was the first time I was in the role. Yet everything has its beginning, and being well-prepared is a key to success.

May I have your kind attention please. Our program will star in about a minute, so please find yourself a seat to settle down. Thank you! It is our privilege to have you with us today.

We are now ready to begin the proceedings of the seminar. We appreciate you taking time off your busy schedules to join us today. We hope you will find the program we have lined-up for you to be fruitful and engaging. We had requested all the seminar invitees to participate in a short online survey.

seminar script pdf

Vivek will also share with you the findings of this survey. That should take about 10 minutes. At we will have our guest speakers presenting their point of view on the seminar theme.

This will be a 15 minutes presentation. The audience can also participate in the panel discussion by asking questions or sharing their own point of view. It was a very precise and relevant presentation. I am sure all of us in this room relate to each and every word that you mentioned.

Thank you for sharing. I would now like to welcome our next guest speaker. A very thought provoking and insightful presentation indeed. Your thoughts are going to stay with all of us. After the break, you will find out more on …. I would now like to invite on stage members of our elite panel for a discussion to conclude this seminar.

Thank you for spending time with us today. It would be a great help to us! Thanks for sharing. Thank you. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Let me first of all introduce you to the agenda. We will take a coffee break at am.

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